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Site Security - Why Buying on Progamecards.com is Safe

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From Authentic Product Keys to Keeping User Information Safe.

It's crazy out there! The internet can be a complete disaster for any user. We hope to change that when you shop with us. Keep reading to find out how we are protecting our buyers and our business.

Authentic Product Codes

Believe it or not, some sites sell stolen goods. How is that you ask? Digital sites such as this, Amazon, Gamestop, Walmart, G2A, eBay, etc are all sites that you can purchase digital content from. Large overseas fraud rings farm or purchase large stolen credit card lists and purchase items from these sites. They can get 5-100 download codes in minutes if done correctly! These stolen goods flood the markets and can get you in trouble. We've heard reports that game companies can, and will terminitae accounts or memberships if they find you aquired and used a stolen redeem code.

We gurantee 100% of our product codes are purchased from one of our many authroized distributors. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your account won't get banned on our watch!

Fraud Detection and Prevention

How do we keep our inventory safe and out of the hands of fraudulent buyers? Well, thats a secret! We have state of the art technology in place that is non invasive to the user, yet gets enough information about the transaction for the system to decline, review, or process a transaction.

Secure Payments

Industry leading PayPal and Authorize.net are the chosen methods on ProGameCards. They have the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the world and are the safest payment methods you could ask for. We do not keep sensitive payment information on site. All sensitive informaiton is handled by the respective processor. Name, email, and address for your account is all the information we keep on site. This informaiton is also secure with our SSL encryption and our no sale policy. We will NEVER sell or distribute your informaiton.

Wrap Up

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for us, please let us know as we would love to hear from you. Please use the contact form in the footer of this page to send us a message.

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