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ProGame Points - Rewards on ProGameCards.com

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How Do I Earn Points?

Points can be earned many different ways, the most common way is making purchases. Purchases will earn points based on the total value of your purchase. You will earn one point for every dollar spent.

Social sharing is another huge way to earn. You can share, like, tweet, pin and so on. These actions will earn various amounts of points and will be limited on how often they can be done.

Referring friends is another popular way to earn points. This acts as an affiliate system when referred friends will earn YOU points on their purchases as well as flat points awards for each friend referred regardless of purchases.

How Do I Spend Points?

Spending points is very easy. You must be logged in and simply add the desired product to your cart. Go to the Cart page and use the slider on the right hand side to adjust the points amount you wish to use. This will adjust your order total as you move the slider. When satisfied, you can proceed to checkout.

Below is the discounts you can expect when redeeming rewards points

Every 50 Points = 1% discount.

For example. Redeem 100 points and receive a 2% discount.

Points may be combined with other discount codes or gift cards.

  • xbox-live
  • playstation
  • itunes
  • google-play
  • facebook
  • minecraft
  • steam
  • karma-koin
  • world-of-warcraft
  • nintendo
  • mint