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Instant Email Delivery on ProGameCards.com

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Looking for Instant Delivery? Read on.

In today's high speed marketplace, buyers are seeking the fastest, most convenient ways to buy and receive products. We have taken notice of these trends and have configured a store that caters to this growing group of buyers. Here at ProGameCards.com, we do not disappoint. Please continue reading to find out more about our email delivery services and how they can benefit you.

What You Should Know About Fraud.

While we are happy to provide customers outstanding service. There is a need to be diligent with new customers and orders. Unfortunately, The prepaid game card marketplace is one of the most fraudulent marketplaces on the internet.

Retailers’ revenue lost to online fraud increased over the past two years to reach an estimated $3.5 billion, up 3% from $3.4 billion in 2011 and 30% from $2.7 billion in 2010. via internetretailer.com

Since digital content that's emailed can be had by anyone, anywhere in the world and purchased almost anonymously, fraudulent buyers seek out and target websites that offer digital delivery in hopes to score a few hundred dollars of content or prepaid codes that can be easily converted to cash within minutes! For this reason, Progamecards.com has developed a process that ensures only legitimate buyers can benefit from the service.

I'm a New Buyer, What Can I Expect?

We still offer a very fast email delivery service for new buyers. While our instant delivery service is automated, our service for new orders is done by manual review. This can take minutes, or hours depending on order qty, dollar amount, time of day, or other information. We try to have all new customer orders processed in 12 hours or less. You can contact us before purchase to get an estimate time frame if you wish.

How it Works

Our instant email delivery works off of a loyalty based approach. New customers and other relatively new customers may receive instant delivery for some orders based off certian criteria. If a buyer completes a purchase, it may take up to 90 days past the date of purchase for them to be upgraded to VIP status and receive instant email delivery benefits for the account that was used to purchase. Things such as payment reviews, payment method, dollar amount, etc all play a roll in our assessment process and help us determine if a buyer is legitimate. Once deemed that a buyers purchase is cleared. Their account is upgraded and the buyer is notified via email of this change. From this stage on, the buyer will receive instant delivery for all orders.

The instant email delivery itself is a very simple, convenient system. Once a buyer makes a purchase who has an account that has been previously upgraded. The item code is pulled from a list and emailed immediately to the customer, sometimes arriving before the actual order confirmation. In addition to the email. The buyer can go directly to their account page and go to the "My Orders" link and click on their most recent order. The prepaid code will be displayed on that page directly below the product as show below.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this give a clear understanding of our service. If you have additional questions, please seek us out at one of the many ways we offer assistance displayed in our homepage footer.

shady abdelkareem 2 years ago at 1:42 PM
I can understand your precautions regarding new buyers, i already read the content of this page before trying to purchase from your website for the first time but i really did not expect to face this much delay as i have purchased through PayPal and the payment has been completed immediately but unfortunately i still did not receive my ode yet which result a delay in my service to my customers.
I think this policy will give a wrong image about the instant delivery service to your customers.
best regards
Quentin .L 2 years ago at 3:34 PM
Thank you for your order. We have reviewed the order and released the order to you. Please contact us if you have yet to see your code.
Nick Corpening 2 years ago at 1:20 AM
Order is taking forever to review. Ive been waiting for hours.
Quentin .L 2 years ago at 4:27 AM
Thank you for your patience. Your order is complete at this time
ahmad alissa 2 years ago at 12:07 PM
my order is taking a long time ive been waiting for an hour
Jake Phillips 2 years ago at 12:47 PM
I needed my code instantly, and I'm still waiting! The payment is complete and I'm starting to get fed up of waiting
Quentin .L 2 years ago at 4:17 PM
Your order is complete. Please log into your account to view the code
Brenda Lee 1 years ago at 4:14 AM
Don't even know what to think. I purchase 3 Xbox codes. And not one of them are valid codes! ! What a scam.
Quentin .L 1 years ago at 4:27 AM
Please redeem the codes on Xbox.com, there's a known bug where codes are not redeeming correctly on the Xbox console.
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