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May 2016 Free Games with Gold

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May is finally here and you know what that means, it's time for another round of free game downloads for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Xbox One users get 4 games this month since the Xbox One is now backwards compatible while Xbox 360 users get 2 free games.

New Partner - Gamer Group

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Gamer Group is the next generation YouTube Gaming Network. We provide our creators with the tools they need to succeed.

4 New Free Games in February with Games with Gold

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For the month of February, Xbox Live Gold members will receive four new free games – two on Xbox One and two on Xbox 360 – as part of the Games with Gold program. You can play both Xbox 360 titles on your Xbox One with the new Backwards Compatibility.

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Hot New Game Releases for February 2016

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Whether you are a zombie killer, brawler, or an old fashioned arcade gamer. February has something for everyone. The upcoming hot new releases feature new games, remastered games and exciting new expansions. Amazon Prime members receive 20% off if you preorder.

Can You Decipher These 48 Hour Xbox Trial Cards?

By Quentin .L 3 years ago 4942 Views No comments

Sometimes we get some 48 Hour Xbox Live cards that did not print correctly. So instead of throwing them away, I've decided to post them and see if anyone can figure them out. If you do figure them out, redeem it! If you manage to get one and redeem it, please let us know so we can mark it as used and others to not waste time on it.

Xbox Live or PlayStation Network Prize Pack Giveaway

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Enter now for your chance to win your choice of an Xbox Live or PlayStation Network price pack! Our prize packs include 3 years of either Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus memberships along with $50 of account credits to purchase games, DLC, movies and more! This is an awesome package so do not miss out on this.

Why You Should Never Use Xbox Live Code Generators

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You see them everywhere, user's claiming free, unused Xbox Live codes or Xbox Live gift cards are created by a program or script. These are always scams that either download malicious viruses or Trojans on your computer or possibly lead you to bogus pages asking for emails and surveys. This is all part of a grand scheme, a scam.

12 Month Xbox Live Gold Leads the Way with Cheapest Prices in Years

By Quentin .L 3 years ago 3443 Views No comments

As for most any membership, the best prices come with the longest terms and this is no exception. While you can buy Xbox Live memberships all the way from 48 hour Gold trials to 12 months, the lower month subscriptions are affordable, but expensive compared to the 12 month membership.

Fallout 4 and 1TB of storage are just 2 reasons to take the plunge.

By Quentin .L 3 years ago 2301 Views No comments

On November 10th, this Fallout 4 Xbox One bundle can be your's for just $399. Most of us paid $399 for just a standard Xbox One with no games, basic controller and half as much storage for game saves and DLC.

August - 12 Month Xbox Live Giveaway (closed)

By Quentin .L 3 years ago 2711 Views No comments

August 12 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership Subscription Giveaway. Register daily for more entires and better odds of winning!

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